Walk, run or hike on cloud nine in these revolutionary, light & airy sneakers made from eucalyptus trees

Wait a minute. Shoes made from eucalyptus trees?  Ask any koala bear and he’ll tell you that eucalyptus tree flowers and bark are a delicious source of food for him. However, New Zealand born entrepreneur Tim Brown and renewables expert and engineer Joey Zwillinger of did their research and discovered the inherent, durable qualities of eucalyptus bark fiber.  They now utilize it to manufacture a revolutionary new category of supremely comfortable footwear. And yes, going out on a limb, Allbirds actually uses eucalyptus tree fiber pulp to make their light and breezy Tree Runners. Of course, they’re made from sustainable, naturally derived, renewable material which is environmentally friendly – and that’s an increasingly important purchase factor for consumers these days

It turns out that eucalyptus tree fiber is breathable and smooth, and it has a cooling effect on your feet to keep you comfortable all day long. Put on a pair and you’ll immediately enjoy its silky feel and the unparalleled softness of its proprietary mesh knit textile uppers. Staying true to nature, Tim and Joey have taken their environmentally conscious manufacturing processes all the way; they’ve used re-cycled plastic bottles and post-consumer polyester, giving it a second chance by turning it into sleek, nautically inspired shoe-laces. They also use bio-based TPU in their shoe eyelets, a strong and resilient material created through microorganisms that consume plant sugars. And on the inside? Padded insoles are lined with super fine, New Zealand merino wool, chosen for its inherent softness, itch-free, moisture-wicking and odor reduction qualities. It is said that in New Zealand, sheep out-number humans by about six to one; using merino wool, the Allbirds manufacturing process uses 60% less energy than materials used in traditional synthetic shoes.  They’ve also chosen to use castor bean oil instead of petroleum-based foam, as it has a lower carbon footprint. The sole of a sneaker critical to runners, walkers and hikers alike, and Tree Runners do not disappoint in this regard. The sole is lightweight, with proprietary cushioning and friction control. It has a unique S-shaped tread which is similar to the anatomical flexibility of your feet, giving you natural weight distribution as you walk. 

The bottom line is superb comfort and practicality. Tree Runners are so soft, you don’t even need to wear socks. They are light, airy and silky smooth, conforming to your feet as you move. They help you stay cool and minimize foot odor. They are made with a low carbon foot print – and they are machine washable.

What more could you ask for in an everyday sneaker?