The Most Stylish And Comfortable Sofa We’ve Tried

We want to save you from endless hours of sofa research. We have found the most comfortable and stylish sofas for you that will look amazing in any home.

I recently needed to make a big furniture purchase, I needed to buy a new couch. But as fun as it is to get new furniture and update the look of my home, I honestly dread having to make big purchase decisions like this. I’m picky yet indecisive and easily overwhelmed by choices, constantly trying to compare quality versus price and overall look. The whole process made me want to quit before I even started. 

When it comes to choosing a sofa, it has to be versatile, comfortable, and stylish. Additionally, most people, particularly those with larger families, are also concerned about affordability and durability.

If you’re a single woman like me, another consideration might be the size and weight. I physically can’t move a couch around the house by myself, nor do I have the space for a giant sectional even if I wanted one. 

So, where was I going to find a couch that was stylish, not too bulky, comfortable, and didn’t break the bank?  Enter Kumo; an award-winning, innovation- literally! Designed by Norwegian furniture designers Anderssen & Voll, it’s a modular system that can be configured as a 1,2,3,4-seater or bigger .

This amazing couch offers flexibility to adjust the size and look of the entire thing with an innovative frame and cushion construction that allows you to add, remove, or rearrange it to fit your needs. I currently live in a condo but I’m looking to purchase a home pretty soon; I liked the idea that the couch could adapt to a new, bigger living space, or a bigger family, if I needed it to.

The company’s biggest mission is to make affordable comfort and luxury accessible to families of all incomes, so their shipping methods are just as advanced as their stylish, futuristic products. Kumodoesn’t need to be packed in giant, cumbersome crates. My sofa was delivered in standard-sized boxes and came disassembled. This makes it easier, faster, and more affordable for them to deliver it worldwide. 

I was a little intimidated at the thought of having to put together my own couch, but with the help of a friend, it was surprisingly quick and easy. The pieces fit together like a puzzle. Once we got it put together, I had a good-looking, comfortable, clean-lined, and meticulously constructed sofa. The quality for the price and style couldn’t be better. 

Hands down, Kumo makes the highest-quality, most innovative, unique, sofa I’ve tried…or even heard of. They’re affordable for the average person and the customizable, lightweight pieces make it easy for a single person to modify it to their space.