The Secret To A Good Yoga Mat Lies In The Surf

Suga is the solution when it comes to protecting the environment and manufacturing one of the most environmentally friendly and comfortable yoga mats on the market. 

There’s something about California that conjures up images of surf and sand and health and wellness. So for this reason it doesn’t really come as any surprise that Suga, an innovative company specializing in yoga mats, hails from the Golden State.

Suga yoga mats have roused curiosity to say the least, and the company has already developed quite the following from yogis and surfers alike. 

What is Suga?

“Repurposed wetsuits?” You ask? Well this is exactly what Suga yoga mats are.

Leading manufacturers of premium quality yoga mats in the USA, this is a yoga brand company with a difference. All mats are made from 100% recycled wetsuits, which puts an end to cheap yoga mats made out of toxic chemicals and helps recycle wetsuits, which have previously clogged up landfills and caused their own environmental problems. 

“Most surfers are keen to reduce their carbon footprint, but since neoprene (the main material for wetsuits) is non-biodegradable, we’ve been unwittingly contributing to environmental problems for many years. As awareness grew, we tried to figure out ways to recycle wetsuits or to at least get rid of wetsuit waste. Meditation and being one with nature is part of many surfers’ everyday lives, so recycling the suits for yoga seemed like the natural thing to do.”

What about the name? 

“Suga is an amalgamation of surf and yoga. We played around with a number of names, but we felt that this just fit. It was short, catchy and it works!” 

With four main yoga mats on the market in varying sizes, which even includes a travel yoga mat, Suga is creating quite the storm. Surfer and meditation specialist, Brian Shields, left the world of Law behind him to set up his own company. 

Sick and tired of waiting for the government and various organizations to take control, Shields quit his job to create his own start up. Risking everything, he threw his money into a product that he thought could work. His gamble paid off.  

Shields worked with a number of engineers to develop the first ever sugar mat. It didn’t take them long to be discovered. Being endorsed by some celebrity surfers and meditation gurus also helped the cause.

But this isn’t just another hippie idea. 

“We needed to work fast. The way things work to get things passed by governments is time-consuming and often soul-destroying. And sometimes all your hard work doesn’t eventuate to anything. Suga mats was a now or never moment!” 

So how do they do it? 

The design and recycling process is surprisingly easy! 

“We gather old, or as I like to say pre-loved, wetsuits, perform some recycling magic on them, and pretty much manufacture the yoga mat!” 

These high quality eco-friendly yoga mats range from $64 to $99, and while the price point may seem slightly higher than your run-of-the-mill mat, these are some of the best mats yoga experts have ever seen. 

“Everything from the cushioning to the non-slip effects to the durability of Suga mats make them ideal for anyone serious about yoga, and more importantly the environment,” says Rachelle, a meditation practitioner and wellness coach. 

This is one brand to look out for. With a host of high-profile supporters on board from Xavier Rudd to Jamie Sterling to Tyler Fox, we’re excited to see where the brand goes next. As well as yoga mats, they also market other merchandise crafted from reused wetsuits such as surf change mats and koozies, as well as t-shirts and water bottles. This is really just the beginning! 

What Makes Suga So Special? 

The world is a bit of a crazy place at the moment, and it continues to face more and more environmental challenges. Suga’s goal is to set a high bar for corporate sustainability and social responsibility, something that they’re already rocking! 

As well as producing high quality yoga mats and other related products using recycled wetsuits, Suga has also implemented an easy drop-off program, which allows surfers (and other wetsuit owners) to drop off their old wetsuits at various surf shops and points across the state. 

Why We Love Suga:

Sustainability – We’re all for a corporation taking more responsibility for the environment from the cradle to the grave and this initiative is awesome! 

Minimalist design – Mostly black, with specs of color, we love how simple the mats look while still being unique. 

Social and environmental responsibility – Suga is a member of 1% of the Planet, a charity organization that pledges to give back at least 1% of its annual profits back for environmental purposes. 

Range – This is not a one-size fits all kind of deal. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you can choose which one suits your purposes best.


When it comes to an environmentally friendly initiative, Suga’s hit the nail on the head. Not only this, the mats, and products in general, are understated yet cool. Anyone that’s concerned about the environment and loves practicing yoga is going to absolutely love what Suga is about!