This under-the-radar startup is taking Social Media by storm. And they’re just getting started.

$270,000 orders in their first 30 days. 120,000 Followers on Instagram. 1,500+ 5-Star Reviews. What’s their secret?

How does a brand go from “never heard of them” to one of the must sought after handbag brands in the industry? There’s a lot that goes into creating a brand that Insta girls and Hollywood celebs alike are extremely fond of but one of the most important starting factors is obviously having an amazing product. As Laura, co-founder of amerii, points out:

“When I first saw the traditional Balinese rattan bags,I immediately envisioned a more modern version of it, a version that would blend vintage vibes with modern-day fashion trends.”

Ok, so finding and redesigning an existing bag is one thing, making them go viral via Social Media, practically overnight, is a completely other story. When we asked about how they became so successful, apart from having an amazing product, Laura gave a candid reply:

“We purchase right from the source. And then we sell directly to the consumer. How else do you think we manage to offer this level of quality for such a low price point?” Laura says, with a smile on her face.

Pippa Middleton wearing a Rattan Bag [Image Source: © Mirror |]

So their secret sauce is their smart business model.

So the two co-founders and best friends Laura and Ana have developed a smart direct-to-consumer business model that allows them to cut out middlemen and third party sellers. They work hand in hand with the local artisans manufacturing the bags (this is obviously helped by the fact they live in Bali) and then sell directly to the customer online.

Everything is sold exclusively via their website (, which means they can sell their beautiful bags without the conventional massive markups that we see in the designer bag industry.

Their business model sounds too simple to work. But their success story is a testament to it’s efficiency.

As Vogue insider, Jessie, points out, “amerii proves that you don’t need big brand capital to create an amazing brand! They’ve created something special, practically overnight, just by giving an existing bag a modern twist and utilizing a smart business model. Everything that they stand for just makes them even more appealing!”

So we’re absolutely in love with Amerii’s cool story, but what about their bags?

Here are our top picks:

(and they’re currently 30% off!)

Ata Bag (Medium) – Luna $75

Handcrafted from ata grass and high quality leather straps, this stunning bag will add that extra special something to any outfit, whether it’s meandering a market or having brunch with the girls. 

Rattan Bag (Medium) – White Delight $79

The White Delight with a contrasting brown leather strap is a cool mix of boho beach vibes meets city chic. Boasting some serious vintage feels, this basket-style bag has that special “wow” factor. 

Ata Bag – Aurora $79

With an obvious bohemian feel, the Aurora shoulder bag with a leather strap and secure button closure will take you from day into the night with ease.  

Rattan Bag (Medium) – Braided Details $79

With intricate braided details, this bag gives off a cool vintage feel that won’t look out of place anywhere. This is a bag that will make you stand out from the rest!

What We Love Most About Amerii Bags:

Quirky design – Fun and vintage inspired bag designs with a modern twist.

High quality – Lovingly handcrafted, amerii uses high quality natural materials and traditional weaving techniques. 

Cool story – There’s nothing quite like two best friends in Bali coming together to build a multi-million dollar bag empire from nothing.

Competitive price – Starting at just $49, these designer bag prices are crazy given the high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Amerii has an awesome range of handmade designer bags at a radically affordable price point. Minimalist, classy, versatile, and trendy are just a few adjectives we could use to describe their bags. Whether you’re a flamboyant fashionista or a modest minimalist you’ll will most certainly find an amerii bag to match your style.